Its all about mindset

Status: Pretty good!

With Viktor at the gym. Good company.

A: Clean technique work up to 100kg. No hook, try to pull actively with the arms in the turnover etc.


I was ready to give up after the first fail at 122.5 but gathered my thoughts. The 2nd Clean at 122.5 was very heavy though since I got under too fast leaving lots of air for the bar to crash on me. Felt like a 150kg Front Squat.

Same problems on the 130kg but on the 2nd I only came to a high pull. Mentally slapped myself and nailed a double.

This is not a PR but decent enough to make me feel that I am progressing at least. Heaviest lift in quite some time.

This should be very easy considering my other strength parameters.

B: 12min
Back Squat 5x60kg, add 15kg every round
5 Muscle Ups

Came to 5x135kg and 3 muscle ups (28 Muscle Ups)

Pretty aerobic stuff.

C: 3 rounds in team of 2, alternate freely
50 cals row
40 OHS 42.5kg
30 CTB

Viktor did about 60% of the OHS and CTB and I did about 10% faster rowing.

He redlined during the 2nd round and 20 OHS though :)

Apparently my legs are not very endurable. 12 reps and I started to feel them. Not good. Room for improvement.

D: Some abs and back work


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