Is swimming really training?

Tuesday aka triceps DOMS day. 300 overhead mostly concentric reps is just brilliant.

Session 1

Well session dunno bout that term…

Played in the pool then swam 400m in approx 11min. Hard to maintain crawling pace so relied on the boring chest stroke.

4 rounds
15 strict v-ups
15 push-ups, focus on very good form

6 wall walks, ooof these are tough

Finished with

2 x 1 wall walk + 20 shoulder taps

Session 2
Lats / Biceps :)

With Stephanovich whos last gym session was about 15 years ago, think he will experience some nasty doms tomorrow :)

Very short rests btw sets

Lats pull 8 x 3 set heavy (no clue about weight)
Pendlay Row 8 x 3set 70kg
Chinese row 8/8 x 28kg x 3set
Biceps BB curl 20×80, 40×8, 35×8, 35×8
DB curl dropset 2 x 16kg x 8, 12kgx8, 10kg x 8

Done in 24min. Ready for showing off for all the hot moms lol


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