Insufficient Back

Status: 8:30 hours of sleep. However severely bad back in the morning.

Yesterdays Deadlift + Snow shoveling + Dragging kids uphill sledding was not a good combo. I think however I sorted it out during the day with mobility, warmth, massage and then finally 6km of X-Country.

I just wanted to see where the track went and obviously it was just another 3km. So I raced 6km in 35:30, despite what the picture below says since I just used Runkeeper as distance meter and my HR monitor as timer and it took about 4mins to get everything started and shutdown. Lots of admin for half an hour of work :)

Anyway I apparently have the same pace for 6km as I have for 3km hmmm… This longer track had a really steep hill as you can see on the low staple. The marked staple is an area which is pretty flat which is why I think my “flat pace” is about 5min/km and mixed terrain about 6min/km.

When I came home I did a few reps of strict gymnastics to continue the blood flow.

  • 40 situps
  • 30 pushups
  • 20 backextensions
  • 10 Chin-ups

Conclusion: This was really good for my back and perhaps 30-40mins is a better timeframe than 15-20min to get more mileage and economics.




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