I wish…

Status: Very tired. Bad and short sleep.

I wish that that the kids could always be at home and my fantastic other half as well. It is amazing what a difference +8 hours of sleep does to you. Poor Wilma was so tired when I woke her up this morning and she was so grumpy all the way to daycare. I truly do not think it was meant to be this way but hey everyone does it.


Daily training summary



A: Handstand walk sideways. Fun!

B: Snatch Sots press 3 x 20-30-35-40

C: Snatch 7 singles at 90kg and 5 singles at 95kg. Three fails at 95kg in total. Made up for it. So 3 fails out of 15. Not ok.

D: Snatch Pull / deadlift 95kg x 3-5 x 3sets


6 sets E60s (12mins)
Even: 2 Power clean + 2 Hang Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Thruster
Odd: 4/2 MU

Two rounds at 90kg and 4 at 80kg


VO2Max training
To stimulate vo2max keep your HR over 90% of MHR

20min 40s active, 20s rest
5 Thrusters 45kg/30kg
AMRAP time left Burpees

Your score is the nr of burpees

I forgot my pulse belt and hurtful HR training without HR feels pointless. Did 54 Burpees as a total and skipped 4 full rounds.I really would have liked to have a HR monitor since this hurt as hell and seeing the pulse would have been beneficial :)



A pretty bad workout.

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