I think squatting a lot makes you good at squatting

Good sleep. Too short! Woke up 05:30, took a piss, went to bed. Fuck! I suddenly thought about how good coffee would taste…

Handstand walk 5x6m for time 1:25min

A: Back Squat 7x165kg, 140x5x2set

B: Snatch Complex: Hi-Hang+Mid Thigh+Knee

Felt better than in a long time

C: Snatch Pull 3×90-100-110kg
Apparently needed, 110 was heavy

Here I was supposed to hit a metcon but I coached Ulrika in the Snatch which I think was a good call for the team today. Pretty mentally drained after cheering Erika and Ulrika through 5×50 vs 4×57,5 in the Push Press.

So… No metcon. No extra stuff for me today. But you know I am not that worried. Tomorrow is all out sprints, I will get my weekly dose of shit soon enough.


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