I gotta have Rhabdo

Rhabdo in the brain must be the cause of my declining performance.

Very short session again due to baptism.

A: 5 x E2M
2 Clean + 2 Push Jerk 90-100kg + 4-5 MU

I got so much pulse that I could not follow the plan of 5MU. 2nd set of push jerks at 100 looked crap so lowered to 90. Must engrain good technique and efficiency.

Just a few mins break then

10 ctb
10/10 KB Push Press 24kg
30 Air Squats

5 rounds, 10 ctb + 10 left kb pp + 2 right

Almost died. Must be the Rhabdo again. Good note, most sets unbroken. Bad note. 3 rounds in about 8mins. Last two in 12mins.

Somethings not been right with my performance the last two weeks. I felt in better shape while I was drunk in Turkey. I can smell a germ lurking.

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