I clearly suck

It is no secret that my upper back lacks flexibility. Today however it became apparent when mixing Push Jerk and Snatch Push press. I am stronger in Snatch Push press by far and most of it is due to upper back and shoulder flexibility.

Sesssion one

One arm handstand practice wall facing and not. So hard when not facing wall.

A: Push Jerk 3 x 50, 50, 70, 80, 90, 100, 2x105kg

B: Snatch Push Press 4 x 50, 70, 90, 105, 10×107.5 – I added a 5kg plate on my right and a 2,5kg to the left… So 10RM Uneven Snatch PP @ 107,5kg :)

It is horrible how I suck in my upper back. It needs to be fixed ASAP.

C: 5 rounds of

  • 5 Strict HSPU in 60cm width on 15kg plates.
  • 5 Strict PU w 20kg 2sets supinated, 3 sets pronated.
  • 400m jog

Session two

I decided today that since I obviously respond better to volume than intensity I will try this theme on my upper body as well. It cannot handle as much shit as the lower body but I am gonna try to pack on some guns.

D: Seated BN Press hands at inner marker to mimic HSPU as much as possible and to dynamically increase shoulder flexibility in the same line as Snatch, OHS, Push Jerk etc

8x40kg, 50kg, 5x60kg, 1x70kg(failed 2nd), 10x40kg, 40kg, 40kg

My triceps got stimuli no doubt about that.

E: 3 rounds of

  • 5 Mature Support 5s hold
  • 7 Ring Straight Arm Press Outs
  • 9 V Outs

F: Seated from floor MU transition 5x3sets + 12 Strict Ring Dips in the last set.

G: Bicepscurls 40kg x 13 reps



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