I am soooo lazy

Worked to very late. Was supposed to sleep at around 23. That went WELL

A: Snatch E60s 88kg x 2 x 7set

No misses and felt good.

B: Jackie

Bad me tried to convincee into not doing it but the good me won. However the bad me said “ok do it but do it slow”.

Row pretty slow 1:48, unbroken Thrusters but only 14 pu before I lost timing. 22. 30. Think it took about 1:20-1:30 doing 30 pull-ups :)

It was not a grip or arm thing just bad timing.

6:31 was the time. Oi oi oi. 2010 result all over :)

Talked a lot about sleep with Mathias aka super hip Jons and the importance over a year to accumulate 100 more hours of sleep.

I must fix it. I know far too much about training to ignore the most important aspect of it.

Think I could count to 15 times that Magnus was in the way of the camera.


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