Hungry old bastard

Today was one of those days when you really just wanted to stay in bed. Been freezing like hell all morning. Took a HOT shower, did not help. So I thought training was out of the question but if I am not proven sick I NEVER let my mind decide until I have tested a barbell.

So I went to the gym and met up with the crew. Spirits rose at least 57.6% and I thought “I will test a five on 130kg and then decide whether to go home or not”

A: HBBS 5 x 70-90-110-130-2×150(feel out the weight)-15x150kg

It took me 10mins to start talking again. Erika said “Aha thats why it became so quiet in here”

B: Hang Clean + 2 Push Jerk 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg

I hate push jerk, I really do. My Push press is stronger much stronger.

C: Some bar mu practice

D1: Push press 95kg x 3 x 7 set

D2: Weighted Supinated CTB 26,5kg x 3 x 7set

Should have done 8 sets but Erika was waiting.

E: 3 rounds
E8M AMMAP Run 60s
In the rest perform
AMRAP DB Shoulder press alternating sets pronated/neutral @ 21kg per hand
AMRAP Strict Close Grip Pull-Ups alternating sets pronated/supinated

335m + 15 neutral + 12 pronated

335m + 12 pronated + 11 supinated

335m + 12 neutral + 12 pronated


The last set  really smoked me. Same distance but at least 10% more effort. Anyone that states that these workouts are easy are really either just way to weak or are holding back.

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