Holidays = anxiety

I really do hate long holidays since they tend to ruin my conditioning. Therefor I always feel like a wreck before they start since I know whats coming. Bringing the barbell to our winter cabin.

For all of you who says that 5-7 days of rest is good for you, go f-ck yourself. It does not apply to me. It never did.

Khalipa says that you should focus on your family and still he trains 14 double session days on and 1 off?

Riiiiiight! I should contact his wifey and get the true story.

Therefor some very easy aerobic training


1k row
10 Bridge Ups
6 One arm handstand wall facing, alternate hands.

About 130-140 in pulse throughout and last 5min 150. Very easy, feels good. The HR watch says 10 Hour recovery, really? Is EPOC that long for such an easy workout?

Finished with some more bridges.


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