Hmm it seems you as well get good at pressing by pressing

Good sleep. Feeling grrrrreat!

Session with MC Tittonen.

A: (Clean&)Jerk Grip OHS 20-40-50-60-80kg

I chose this exercise as a shoulder warmup before jerking. I have a flexibility sticking point which you spot pretty easy both down/up.

B: Complex: 5 DL + 4 HPC  + 3 PJ 80kg (did not go max at all)

C: Jerk double ladder, 100-125, 1+1Fx130, 1Fx135, 1+1F x 138kg

Fucked up foot position on the missed jerks. Pretty happy with the better rack-position though!

D: Push press 5 x 113kg; 3 x 90 x 2set

On the 6th i dipped into the blocks and this really fucks up the rhytm. Pretty pleased with this since I last week did 3 x 110kg. AND this is after solid attempts at Jerking.

E: Run 4 x 200m, rest 3min between

31.3s, 28.0, 34.1, 33.2

F: Row 4 x 30s, rest 3min between

173, 177, 192m, 170.

I was pretty smoked after the runs today and VERY smoked after the 192m row.

G: DB Curl 10/10 x 15, 17.5, 20kg

I really suck at this. Everyday I’m curling.

H: Chinese Row 10/10 x 20kg, 30kg

30 was a little too heavy form-wise.

Still feeling grrrreat!



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