Hip tester

Went to Chiro in the afternoon. Went from Zeb Macahan to Bruce Willis.

I have finally understood what was the cause today. Eccentric hamstring loading in the lowering portion of the Hang Snatch. My hip have been on the edge of exploding for 7 days and today it had enough. It appears as well that the loading problem magnifies if I put out my knees in the eccentric phase. The glutes fires and it is too much for the left.

Going to try to snatch from blocks instead of Hang and avoid all eccentrics for a while.

Since I can walk I can squat right?

A: Concentric Sticking point Front Squats “try to jump”

5×60, 80, 3×100, 110, 120, 2×130

130 sure as hell was max effort. Its funny how fast you burn out the concentric when you cant preload it with eccentric. First rep felt like “i can jump this. 2nd WTF who added 50kg?”

B: Conditioning

30m sled pull backwards 80kg
500m row

3 rounds + 30m pull

Just needed to do something for the heart without hurting my hip.

One hour after, hip is alright but now my knee hurts. Haha oh lord I am old.

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