Hahaha it never ends

Wilma got an ear infection, zchleep anyone ? Today is my 36th Birthday yay. At least my eldest daughter gave me very nice presents while lying in the bed. I always babble about trolls and today I got a troll from her :)

Managed to drag my old ass to the gym to try out some more of the NS workouts.

A: NS Event 6: Did three rounds and almost died. It was a submax effort but this sure was my kind of WOD once. Guess no wod except singles are my kind of WOD anymore :)

B: Carried a 188kg barbell with KBs hanging from it for 12m x 3 rounds. Really tough for the core and hips. Had running shoes on which felt like walking in a bed with weight on the back. Not wise.

The track & fielders looked VERY skeptical.

C: Threw a sandbag 50 times x 3meter.

Thats about it.

For you reading this blog. I have lured ya all to train hard this week but I have mostly rested. See ya at Saturday fools.


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