Guilt free my ass

Lots of posts about how you should treat the food overload during the Holidays.

I have no guilt during the consumption of half a pig but sure the day after when I wake up and feel like 20 years older.

Therefor I did like 2×20-30min gymnastic sessions on Christmas and a 30min routine today. I f-cked the guilt (or the guilt f-cked me?).

Something like this today

3 x 10/10 Banded Rows while Cycling
5 Bridge ups
5m hswalk
15 very strict pushups
20m lunges

When done
Bicepscurls w band
Tricepspress w band
Shoulder press w band

+ A lot of stretching. My back really do not like sitting down for several days.

Back to the gym tomorrow but now heading towards more GUILT :)

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