Gorilla going Chimp

Status: Horrible, my head feels like it is full of snot. Bad sleep since I got the brilliant idea at 22:30 to watch Desolation of Smaug. Good thing I fast forwarded through some parts though.

Weighing 91.1kg, goal to weigh steady at 89kg and perhaps even 88kg. I will be a much better athlete with a few less kg to carry in pull-ups etc. I do not think I will loose any strength since I probably have 15% BF. Should be pretty easy. Lost 3kg in 2 days just due to removal of excessive sugar. Guess it is the water which the carbs bind that I lost. So 91kg is my “real” weight.

Met up with the girls Angelica and Malin Nyström. Viktor and Malin Tittonen was there as well but they were pretty much done.

A: Handstand practice inside a jumprope: 20s, 24s, 7s, 17s, 34s PR! Getting pretty consistent at this.



B: Sots press BN 3×20-25-30-35-40-45-50kg, PR ? Probably

C: Hang Clean 2×60-80-90-100-110-120-130PR-1x135kg-1×132.5kg



D: 15min RPE 6

Snatch Balance + OHS 60kg, add 10kg every round

3 Muscle Ups

Nailed the 110kg Snatch Balance and dropped the OHS. This is actually my max in SB. Pretty good to be able to get it in a WOD with pulse. I should have done 4 MU per round but my hands are so torn that I really had no drive to do excessive pulling work.

E: 12min RPE MAX

5 CTB + 7 Burpees + 9 WB 9kg

9 rounds + 2 WB. Rested about 12s per round and speeded up the last two rounds. It was not RPE max but 8.5-9 I think. Apparently this stuff is good for me.

F: Press from forehead 20x40kg, triceps pump!

G: Lateral raises 2x5kg x 10 x 3set

This was pretty heavy! This kind of work is a missing piece for many athletes. Make sure you include some body building in your program.




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