Goodmorning sir

Too little sleep again. I will stop writing about that since it obviously is the default for me.

Session 1

A: Front Squat 3x120kg, 2x125kg, 1x130kg, 3x125kg, 2x130kg, 1x135kg


B: Clean Panda Pull 4 x 120-130-140-130-120kg

Heavy, felt good though

C: Halting 5s pause Clean Deadlift 3 x 120-140-130-120

Super heavy, this must be good. Focused on staying on my heels.

D: Good morning 80kgx5x3set

I really hate this exercise. According to Mika (works as lifting coach at CrossFit Tegen, pay him a visit) I should reduce 10kg, go for 8 reps, bend the knees more to get a good carry over to the high bar back squat. I obey, in this area he is my superior for sure.

Session 2

Skill: Practicing one arm handstand. Hard but nailed 3-4sec per side. Trick is to really really lock the elbow and to get stronger :)

MK Open Event 5 again!

400 meter row
24 Wallballs
24 Knees to elbows
24 Box jump over
24 Goblet squats 32/24
24 Push press 50/30
24 Broad jumps 1.80/1.50
400 meter run

Finished the workout in 09:57, a 26second PR.

What is important in CrossFit ? Apparently knowing the unknowable is _very_ important.


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