Good training with Olavi

Status: Decent sleep but my lungs are full of slime. Spitted at least 10 big chunks right when I woke up. If this continues I must pull the break and initiate some low intensity training.

Met up with a lot of peeps at the gym. Fun times.

A: Clean and Jerk heavy single

4-5 x 40-50-60-70, 2-3 x 80-90-100-1 x 107.5-115-122.5-122.5-122.5-127.5-132.5F(Jerk)

Olavi complained about me being on my toes and about my upper back. Good instruction, I need to hear this every day. This was why I repeated 122.5 until it felt ok.

Lord I got really nailed by the 132.5kg. Only superman would have Jerked that one.

B: “Macho Man”
EMOM til fail
3 PC 85kg
3 FS 85kg
3 STOH 85kg

Managed 4 rounds then my lungs were on fire and I thought “no more!”

Rested 7-8mins and put on 75kg and restarted

After 4 rounds again I was fired up and really needed the 30-35s rest every minute.

Somehow I managed 10 rounds with Push Presses the last 5-6 rounds.

Then the time was up, needed to go home. Probably a good thing since I have a bit of a hard time just breathing now.


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