Good start of the week

At the gym with the girls. The boys are apparently lazy.

Nice to have a light week ahead!

A: Snatch 2×40,50,60,70,80,85,90,95,90,85

B: Below Knee Hang Clean 2×60,80,95,105,100,100

C: HBBS 4×70,100,120,140,150,140,130

150 was heavy!

D1: Straight leg situp 10×50,40,30kg, 10x60kg (had to show Flank who the boss is)

D2: Back ext 10×25,32,22kg, 10x42kg (again Flain needed some motivation)

E: Front / Back lever

One leg tucked flat back worked like a charm today. Happy times.

Session two

15mins after a burger and french fries

3 rounds

Within 2min AMMAP row

  • 8 Squat Clean 60kg
  • 8 Burpees
  • Time left AMMAP row
  • Rest 8min

266m, 290m, 336m

I was much smoother in the transitions in the last round and I used damper 10, which apparently is better for me in sprints regardless what the rowing-masters say.

After 30secs of rest I rowed for 7min:30sec @ 2:00ish. The funny thing is that I removed my big brace and had near 100% knee flexion mobility during the cooldown…


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