Good at what you do

Sleep: no comment

A: Forced Sofie to get through Sally up :)

B: E90s 2 clean + 1 jerk 110kg x 2 x 6set

I really like this way of working with the OL. I feel technique adoption the more sets I do. The clean finally starts to feel like it is supposed to.

C: DL 5 x 110, 140, 160, 10×160
Perfect back, a goal is to be able to do 5×200 with perfect back. 1RM is not interesting at all.

D: 20min
9 ctb
12 stoh 50kg
15 bj step down 60cm
200m run

6 + 9 + 12 + 2bj

Unbroken easy tempo. I am getting better at ctb. 6 unbroken 9′s is good training.


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