Gone diggin

Felt pretty ok today. Stiff but ok. I was wrong.

A: 10 x OTM Squat Snatch 80kg
Went super, really satisfied with new technique.

Horrible, aborted after a single on 90kg. Had no push at all.

Singles up to 130kg which was a big fight. Failed at 140kg, aborted (done 3x145kg)

Now I decided that I should pack my bag but didnt.

D: for time: 15x105kg Power Clean + Push Press

I did two reps then I called it a day.

Oh man what an under performance. My CNS is apparently way off (who is surprised after these three weeks).

I am feeling a strange sensation in my legs. Its like it is creeping. And I got a pretty severe case of doms in the hammies so apparently this accounts for some performance loss.

A few days full rest then back at it

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