Globoing in Oslo

In Oslo at “Actic”. They had some free weights though, yay!

Front squat 3×100 severe knee pain – abort :(

B1: Hang Power Clean 100kg x 4 x 5set

Apparently an area of improvement

B2: CGBP 100kg x 4 x 5set

Have not benched in ages, felt good though!

B3: Strict Pullup 5 x 6set

Pretty good superset! Super sweaty

C: Deadlift dead stop 5×110, 150, 180

So weak, I apparently need to get on a deadlift program again.

D: Leg Press weight = ? X 8-8-20

Nautilus machines are so weird. It moved in a way that hurt my knee like hell, worked on low weights for a while and then…

….my knee suddenly got more ROM! Added weights, got loads of quad work <3

Leg press for the win! I could have restarted the front squats here but come on :)

E: Circle

8 rounds

2 lunges frontracked 70kg
2 lunges frontracked backward 70kg
6 db snatch 32,5kg
20 Double Unders
5 strict pullups
6 Dips

16min 30s

Pretty intense! I have forgotten how weird people think you are :) 0


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