Girls please forgive me

Status: Sore back from all the pchain work the last two days, very tired but in such a good mood. Hungry, Horny grrr and very Happy.

Malin brought coffee for everyone at the Gym. Such a small thing but means a lot. Thank you <3

A: Pause Front Squat 1×40-60-80-100-110-120-130-140-150kg

Big PR, my 1RM in regular FS is 156kg. I think it is fair to expect a new 1RM in the near future or what do you think ?



B: Hang Clean & Jerk

Hurt my ankle a little in the Squat so it felt bad in the Clean. Skipped.

C: Bar MU practice
Finally stopped brute forcing these bastards. I think I actually got it today.

D1: weighted 1 1/4 Dip 3x32kg; 20kg x 3 x 7set
D2: Weighted Ring To Chest Pull-up with false grip and turnout 20kg x 3 x 8set

Heavy Shit!

E: “Lady Killer”

Until you have done 50 reps of CGBP, watch stops after the last row interval.

For time:
6 x Row 15/12 cals, rest 30s between
2min rest

I used 70kg in the CGBP and repped 22 + 20 + 8. I was finished in 29mins but since we only have two rowers I waited for over 5mins the first round. Then Erika and Malin rowed 12kcals each on one rower instead.

My time was 29:50. When I left the gym the girls were still working and the timer was on 58mins. I think they were forced to row at least 42 intervals :) I am so sorry but this is probably the best session you ever had.




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