Fuck Salmon, Pizza here we come

Arctic Salmon

Weighed 89kg this morning, season low, had a bad feeling about that. The mirror said “Skinny bastard”. Maybe I jinxed myself already at breakfast.

With Lukas and Viktor again! Viktor in good spirits

A: 3-pos Snatch  40,50,60,70,80,85,90(F 3rd),95(F 2nd), 80,80

Not too bad considering the volume!

B: 3-pos Power Clean worked up to 100kg, failed 2nd hang below knee into a Squat Clean at 110kg, gaahhhhh, 90, 90kg

C: HBBS – Here my energy was out. 5×50,90,3×130, 1×150, 1×140, GAH!, 3×130, 3×140,3×145,1×150

Was very pissed here.. Started over after 15min break.

On the minute 1-2 reps of 1 1/4 HBBS 90,110,130,130,140,130,110,90

D: Had absolutely no energy for a wod but did a little one.


  • 2min prowler push 100kg
  • 2min shuttle run 10-20m
  • 2min row

Started to feeling cold and sweaty but no severe pulse. Sick ? I think I lack energy. 2 potatoes + 2 Salmon slices x 2 servings are not exactly food enough for my kind of volume. I am so stupid… Eat, eat, eat.



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