Fuck light weight

Working on my platform in the garden with 2pac on the stereo is a too much stimulus to hold back entirely.

A: 1 Block Clean+ 2 pause FS

B: FS 3×120-3×130

C: 3x[400m run + 12 burpees + 12 strict k2e, rest 3min]

1:30 runs all the way. Funny feeling in the left glute. Think I need a big guy’s ass treatment


D: West side sled drag backwards
Prowler + 40kg load (80-90kg)

1min, rest 3min then 2min keep moving. Hard as hell due to gravel and rock which made the sled stuck.
40-50m then about 70-80m. Guess it would have been 150m on a better surface therefor time under tension is a better measurement. For some reason the left quad did all the work as usual.

Damn I needed to drag the fucker back to the garage = another 30-40m


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