From hell to heaven

Add thrusters to the program and I instantly feel better

Today I decided to add wraps when the weight got heavier (2nd lift at 122.5) to see if there would be any difference in feeling and power. Ohhhh yes. No pain and more confidence.

A: Hang Clean and Jerk

115, 115, 122.5, 122.5, 127.5, 132.5, 137.5 fail jerk PR in hang clean (easy). Finished with an easy 130kg

B: Thruster 3×100, 110

C: Clean DL from riser 7 x 90, 110, 130

Very easy!

D: Clean DL 7 x 150, 170

Felt good!

E: Clean DL 5cm off floor 200kg x 2 Abort

F: Clean DL from below the knee 210kg x 3 Abort

Ok the 7 x 170 killed the lockout. Done!

G: Team wod with Malin and Angelica where we tested the worm for the first time. Oh boy this fucker needs work. Especially the girls need to work this one I believe since it is heavier for them.


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