Friends matter

Status: Pretty destroyed by three days of overconsumption, late nights and early mornings.

Met up with Jaime and Malin today. Ulrika joined in on the party later on.

First some handstand practice. Better and better.

A: Hang Snatch up to 107.5kg with no fails. Fail at 110kg, abort. Had a timer set on 25mins to have energy left for conditioning.

B: In 12mins Ladder
GTOH 60,70,80… X 5 reps
Bar MU x 5 reps

Finished 5 GTOH at 100kg + 3 Bar MU

Good shit! Really like the format. 23 bar mu and some gtohs as well.

C: In team of 2 (with Malin)
10 rounds of
60 DU
30 Snatch 35kg/25kg

21:45min good wod! Sure gonna feel the +150 snatches tomorrow :)

So good to have a good partner, I got better and better the longer we kept going. My engine somehow adapted to the workload.

Now all-in food and wine again, cheerio!


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