Freeticket to unlimited consumption

Status: Feeling good!

With Mrs ICE at the gym. Ulrika already was done and cursed me for my rowing program :)

A: Hang Clean – 40-60-80-90-100-110-115-120-125-130-135F

My 2nd pull sucks. It is too much forward. I need some help here.

B: In 12min
10 back squat 70kg, 80kg, 90kg…
5 EROM HSPU 15 cm

I finished 10x120kg and 5 HSPU, sweaty!

C: In team of 2 (with Malin)

3 Rounds of
10 x 15/10 kcal row, 5 each
50 Dips, alternate freely
50 Pull-ups, alternate freely

29:09min oh lord I am so empty now!

Malin rowed very good as usual but the girls have some issue with the pressing movements so I did a very large portion of the dips. I think both of us will feel this one :)

Big love to my MK Girls ❤️

Below is the missed Clean. Weird huh?


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