Frantasy intervals & running without back pain

Status: Vacation started => 8.5h sleep!

Yesterday I found a routine which I suspected would help my back stay away from cramp. Did it twice yesterday and three times today. Yup both the squat and the running technique improved vastly. To keep it short it is an advanced variant of the Couch stretch but with a superfriend on a bench so your hips got nowhere to go.


With a running clock. You have 4min timecap on each station (to allow for weight change).

Record each split time and if timecap is reached then note the reps done.

Min 0
12 thrusters 60kg/43kg
12 bar mu

Min 5
15 thrusters 52,5kg/35kg
15 ctb

Min 10
21 thrusters 43kg/30kg
21 pull-ups

Min 15
9 thrusters 60kg/43kg
9 bar mu

Min 20
12 thrusters 52,5kg/35kg
12 ctb

Min 25

15 thrusters 43kg/30kg
15 pull-ups

Min 30
6 thrusters 60kg/43kg
6 bar mu

Min 35
9 thrusters 52,5kg/35kg
9 ctb

Min 40
9 thrusters 43kg/30kg
9 pull-ups

Had no magnesia which hurt my performance as hell initially when the bar is “cold”. When the hands and the bar heats up by friction the grip increases.

2:26, 2:14, 1:58 <- So fucking close to give up. Did 1 CTB then jumped down. 1 more jumped down. Then switched to supinated grip.

1:45, 1:03, 55s <- Here my grip improved drastically

41s, 38s (did regular PU forgot), 33s with 48kg BB, 5kg UNEVEN Thruster since I forgot a 5:er on one side :) Did CTB instead of PU since I did PU in the second last.




After about 20-30mins of rest and warmup  we went outside to the track and did:

10 rounds for distance
90s run, 90s rest

We increased the pace in each of the intervals starting at about 360m and I finished at 440m in the last interval.


Two 100m sprint-ups, forgot the term for these. But basically a finisher after endurance training to turn on some fast fibers.

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