Flank delivers

Testing day with Flank, Viktor, Ulrika and Linda even though Linda did her own tests.

Bodyweight 89,8kg

A: WPU pronated 58kg
Jonas 70kg and Viktor 60kg (very strict), Ulrika 5kg

Like i guessed. Ok!

Linda nailed 3 strict PU!

B: amrap MU 12, Jonas 17!, Viktor 9

Not dissapointed but I should have tried another rep, gave up too early.

C: Fight Gone Bad

I lost pace badly in the last round. Improving aerobic capacity and lactate threshold will do magic. Goal 400 reps.

It felt ok though, never insanely horrible.

368, Jonas 374, Viktor dunno, Ulrika 355

Jonas has beaten most in all events this week. Damn


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