Flank beach 2013

With Flank the Gorilla push/pull icon.


Flank in his fifth set of Press 80kg x 3reps.

A: Push Jerk, got 100kg x 4 reps after some HTFU and misses. Continued with Split Jerk and got a double at 120kg with me. Satisifed since I have not lifted more than 110kg since before Regionals. I have focused on the Push Jerk which translates very little to a Split Jerk 15-20% heavier.

Flank did 5 x 120kg in the Split Jerk. Very impressive.

Aha! It is my back foot!

B1: Press 70kg x 3 x 5set, never a doubt that I would fix it. However do I wonder where my shoulder strength is. Why do I need to start all over in the Press when I have a solid CGBP of never less than 120kg and +130kg on a good day ?

Flank did all his sets at 80kg, impressed!

B2: 3 Strict MU transition + 3 kipped, Someone removed the tape on the rings. Damn hard to keep grip! Otherwise not hard at all.

C: Cant really run yet due to my calf so I did something else instead

For 20min:ish for some sweat

  • 10m Prowler stuff
  • 10m Prowler stuff back
  • 200m grandma jog

D: 2 x 200m walk with Flank :)

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