Finally seem to be back

No doubt. I must have been ill for almost three weeks.  Feeling MUCH better today.

A: In 7mins Press BN heavy single

Just waiting for my OL Barbell to get vacant. (10x20kg, 5x30kg, 5x40kg, 3x50kg, 2x55kg, 1x60kg, 1x65kg,1x 70kg)

B: E60s Snatch 1×95,95,95, then 1x100x9sets

100kg for ONE single is the heaviest weight I have lifted since last cycle 6-7 weeks ago and hitting it with ease for 9 singles E60s was a mental booster. I started with 95kg since I thought that 110 was not my current 1RM but hell yeah it is at least that.

I was very hungry for adding more weight but I’ll spare that for Friday.

C: Open 11.6
15 Round + 13 Thrusters. 103 reps? This is far from a PR but the feeling was pretty good. Especially the CTB went smooth, no less than 5 reps per set.

I don’t think I have a sub 4 CTB Fran now but hey it still feels good to be me right now.

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