Feeling great – Time to cooldown?

Status: Sleep? What else is new :)

Session one:

A: Deadlift + Clean + Pause Front Squat + Push press + Pause Jerk aka Klokov Complex

60-70-80-90-100-110-117.5(Fail Jerk), 117.5, 120

MUCH heavier than Mondays Chingiz Complex for some reason!? Could be that this is day 3 of heavy shit. Maybe maybe.


B: For 10mins Every 30s do one Bear Complex.

Started with 100kg and did 6 rounds but failed the 7th Thruster, removed weights to 80kg and did perhaps 6 more rounds. Added to 85kg and finished the workout. Pretty pissed that I could not finish it at 100kg. Should have gone with my instinct using 90kg.


C: CTB Ladder – 8-9-10-11-12-8 Getting worse at this. Hmm…. Changing strategy from next week.


D: Handstand wall runs 4 sets x 60 reps. HARD


Session two:

Team of 2 wod
Row 2000m alternate freely
30 Muscle Ups, woman does 2, male does 4
Row 2000m alternate freely
30 Parallette HSPU, 10cm EROM, 4 each before switching
Row 2000m alternate freely

This was harsh. 32mins 44secs.

My knee feels very bad at the moment. I think I need a break from training tomorrow or just do some upper body shit.


Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.03.29 PM

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