Fear is a funny thing

Status: My back is still extremely sore. It is not DOMS but something else. Sprinting + saturday deadlifts got to me. Need to focus on my upper body for a while.

Session 1

A: Snatch 75kg x 3 x 4set + 80kg x 2reps

Some fails on the third rep

B: Back Squat beltless – 125kg x 10 x 3set

When I unracked 125kg for the first set I was scared like hell. I thought “I will not be able to squat this today at all”. Then I went for my bag and fetched my belt. But after 10 more seconds I started to call myself pussy out in the air like a in a rhyme. Angelica asked me what I was doing. I threw the belt away and started to squat. The first set was pretty heavy and so was the second set. Then in the final set I thought. “I am going to do these without any pause at all”. And so I did.

Conclusion: Smolov and such programs serve a simple purpose. To get rid of fear in small doses so you dare to increase weight aggressively each session.

C: Weighted Strict HSPU inside 86cm – 6 reps x 5kg then 17.5kg, the last two reps were really hard so this was a true 6RM.

D: Weighted supinated Pull-up 40kg x 6 reps – boom, PR. This is the exercise I develop the fastest besides high rep squats I think.

E: Handstand practice – my back cramped a bit here, loads of midline work apparently these buggers.

Did not have any more juice even though the program was full of stuff after this.

Session 2

After I put Wilma to sleep I threw in another short session

F: Press BN 6x60kg, 4×65 – Fuck my shoulders was done,

G: Press 6 x 50, 3×60, 1x65kg – Hahahaha – Shoulders DONE dunno why I even tried this one. The weighted HSPU earlier today got to me.

H: 2xDB Press 6x20kg, 27.5kg

I: Ring Row 10 unweighted + 20kg x 6 reps

J: 6 x E2M Row 100m

I scored 15.3s on three of them, so pissed to not get under 15s but I guess squatting does this to you. My best stroke was 1:13/500m which is an indication of lack of power.

K: Rope pull-ups (chin over hand) – 8 reps






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