Fat n Strong

Status: Thumbs up but feeling fat!

A: Freestanding handstand practice

Forearm supported handstand 3 x 20-30 seconds? Extremely good exercise to find the midline.

Freestanding – got ~ 5secs without moving hands. Getting better and better and starts to feel natural.

B: Clean + Overhead squat with the same grip – Hands inside marker up to 80kg

C: Power Snatch + 3s Pause OHS 70-105kg PR



D: Back Squat 2s pause 2 x 100-120-140, 160, 170


E: Team effort with the worm

“Worm goes Mördarbacken”

  • 1. Up the hill with the worm
  • 2. Run down and up
  • 3. Down the hill with the worm, I aborted after this due to knee.
  • 4. Run up and down

~3k hill runs. Up was heavy for the hams and calves but down was pretty bad for my knee.

The clock was at about 25mins when 3 was done and 33-34mins when nr 4 was done.

Malin T was the fastest. She would have done this _easy_ at MK Open. Our team is pretty complete with some who are pretty strong and some who are pretty endurable :)



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