Fastest workout ever

Been at an amusement park all day. Good times for the family.

Went to the gym at 21:00 and was there 21:05. Door locked WTF! I longed so much for Jerks that I could kill someone right there. Why the fuck do they close the door one hour before closing time ? I will ask about this. Not the first time.

Went home very annoyed and it was getting pretty dark.

I took the closed gym as a “Do not fuckup the hip” Omen and did a quick press/pull workout instead.

A1: Press 5 x 40, 50, 60, 7 x 67.5, 10 x 62.5, 10 x 57.5

A2: Strict Pull-Up 5-5-5-5-5-12

Started Warmup 21:35, packed my gear 21:50


Yes it was exactly this dark.

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