Fantastic session with Malin

Good sleep. Hungry for squats.

Always an energy boost hooking up with my teammates.

A: HBBS a very hard 3×170; then 140x3x5sets E90s lightweight

B: Snatch 2×60 to 85 then 60-70
I really cant snatch after squatting :)

C: About 10 Strict MU, lord how boring

D: For time with Malin
8 x 200m run alternate
30 gtoh 70kg/45kg
8 x 200m run
30 gtoh
8 x 200m run

Super fun pure aerobic capacity wod!
What? Did I just say fun coupled with aerobic?

Missed the pwod again but might pick it up later.

Standard squat pic, squat every day dude or you will never beat Patricia


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