Finally found a remedy to squat pain free today. Basically any squat variation which put as little stress as possible on the left adductor. Hip width, toes forward work as well as wider but then my toes tend to rotate out due to ankle flexibility.

I therefore need to remake my squat and mobilize the right ankle like crazy.

A: Snatch w pause at knee + Hang Snatch 80,85,90,95

B: Hang Snatch 100, 105F, 80,85,90,95,100,1+1Fx105, 107.5F, 110F



C: Front Squat 80kg x 5, 95kg x 5 x 5set

Focusing on acceleration. Narrow foot snane



D: A little conditioning
4 x ( 1 thruster + 1 fs ) 42,5kg
8 ttb
250m row
3 + the complex

I started w the row so 3,66 rounds.

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