Evil chicks are everywhere

Status: Long sleep but got a cold = been snoring like a full grown pig

A: Free handstand practice inside a jump rope

6-7 times over 20 secs and A LOT of 4-5 secs :) However I beat my 1 day old PR like 3-4 times and best of today was 32secs.

Then carried on with some more handstand without the worry about a rope. Got something like 30, 38, 44secs

I think I stood over 15mins total today, so much for recovery day :)




B: Straight line snatch 3×20-60kg



Then Viktor, Jonas and Linda went for lunch while Malin and Erika went to the girls room. Waited for f-cking 15mins, packed my bag and then was just about to leave when they came back. I said “I am leaving now”. Erika played the /#”%&&”=”=)#&#% guilt card and said “I think you are a bad person if you leave now”…. Guess who unpacked the bag….

C: 20mins RPE 4 (very light)

A little row + A little Burpee Box Jumps + Some single unders + some jog + some Bridge Ups in a circle


30-40 Backextensions

30-40 Strict V-Ups


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