Doof lactate

A: Snatch with pause

New technique with much more narrow grip, much better first pull.

B: 3 OHS + 1 Squat Clean
Stopped there, pretty finished in my shoulders.

C: Front Squat heavy 3
Light but focused on upright torso

D: ammap 30s row
Got challenged…

E: 2sets of
Kbs 24kg x 20
Thrusters 35kg x 20
Row 400m
Rest 12min

2:40 took all the 12mins to get breathing together, 3-2-1 next interval!

2:47 best described with #%%#{{££>>!!

The worst lactic acid buildup ever. Worse than multiple 100% 400m runs. Its like fooling the system with the kbs and thrusters building local acid which the gets released when the heart starts pumping in the row.
Something equal to what happened to me in 12.4 in the double unders.

Its 10mins after and I just want to lie down (I didnt though).

Evening workout

A1: BSS with 40×0 tempo 24kg x 8/8 x 3set (40s tut)
A2: One arm press w 24kg KB 6/6 x 2set

B: 7st 40×0 s width hspu w kipp up but 4s excentric. Failed nr 8 so I apparently got some pressure ;)

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