Dont trust your body

Felt sore today. Perhaps I am just old?

Just clarifying for readers following this blog and GorillaFitness. I cant really follow the program since I need to adapt to my familys holiday routines which is why I just snatch/clean/squat day 1 and jerk/press/pull-up day 2 alternating until I feel I need rest which is about every 7-8 days.

A: Snatch 3×40,50,60,70,80,90F,1×80,87.5 , 95, 100F, 80, 87.5, 92.5, 97.5, 102.5F

B: Hang Snatch below knee
80, 87.5, 95, 100, 102.5PR, 105PR, 107.5PR, 110F, 110PR

C: Clean 60,80,100,110,120,130,142.5F
I have started to hold on to the bar too much, must practice release into perfect rack more.

D: Front Squat 60,100,120,135,150,160F

150 was soo light, 160 soo heavy. Guess my energy was out here. Still happy to squat 150 with ease after so many lifts.

E: Snatch pull 2×90,110,120,3×130

You should always pull more than you snatch the same session.

F: Quick 8×30/30 row just to keep conditioning level


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