Do not respect your body

After the first workout today I got really really sore in the throat. Worst in at least one year. Too sick to train? Probably yes but either I train through this or… Not?

For you who have followed me the last weeks you have noticed a roller coaster of my mood. Thats because I basically have goon from sick to half-well every other day for three weeks. My training have been very suboptimal.

Today I changed my mindset from “competing at Nordic Showdown” to “training at Nordic Showdown. Lets face it I will not have a chance finishing top 10 with this kind of illness peak.

So I went back to the gym.

A: In 10mins heavy Front Squat
10×20, 8×40, 6×60, 5×80, 3×100, 2×110, 120, 1×130, 140, 2×120, 2×120

B: heavy Strict MU
2 unweighted, 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg

C: 10min
10 WB
10 ctb
10 pistols
10 DB Snatch 32kg

Ripped my hand, lost 45s

3r + 7 db snatch. All ctb UB.

10min bicycle



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