Die a bit to deserv Rome

Status: Never felt older. Magically I started to get a bit mobile after a few tap-out stretches by Angelica.

A: Clean + 2-3 Push Jerks 80-90kg x ~sets

Feels really bad in my knee. I will never be able to Push Jerk it seems like. Zero improvement.

B: Thrusters 90kg x 3, 95kg x 5, 95kg x 4

Progressing slowly.

C: Push Jerk + 1/4 OHS with Jerk grip x 5 reps 70kg x 3sets

D: Front racked lunges 70kg x 6 steps x 4sets

Backed down to 75% of my 6 step max (90kg) and will progress from there instead. Felt good.

E: Russian Dips 5 x 3sets

Pretty hard!

F: Hip to rings 3-4 x 5sets

Biiiiig kip.

G: Kipping TTB 8-10 reps x 3sets

H: Close grip bench press 5 x 60-70-80-90-105kg

Best in a few years. Far away from my old 5 x 120kg though. I feel I will get there before November. Goal is a solid 5x125kg.

I: Bench supported row 5 x 50-70-80-90-102.5kg PR

Totally unexpected but I got horny

J: 4 rounds (no time) of

  • 1/2 + 1 Strict Supinated Pull-up x 5 reps
  • 1/2 + 1 Strict Ring Dip x 5 reps
  • 8 Medball sit-up throws


8 x Row 30s hard, row 30s slow

Rest 3min

8 x Row 30s hard, row 30s slow

Rest 3min

8 x Row 30s hard, row 30s slow

  • 1st set: 1:37.8
  • 2nd set: 1:36.7
  • 3rd set: 1:33.8

My oxygen debt was massive after the last set. When I got home I drank 3 cups of cacao + sugar + cream mixed with some milk :)

Tomorrow me and Hanna are off to Rome for 4 days <3







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