Slow is the new boring

Prehab: Tap-out stretch and handstands

A: Thruster 3-3-4 x 90kg, lost balance, dropped it. Not in the mood

B: OHS 3-3-9 x 87,5kg

C: 12min
Weighted pu pron 18,5kg x 5 reps
Weighted Ring Dips 18,5kg x 5 reps
Ghd situp 10-15kg x 8-10 reps

6-7 rounds

D: 12min
1/4 + 1 Ring Row 5 reps
Plyo Pushups 5 reps (2fer1)
8 Ball Slams 30 pounds
6-7 rounds

Session 2

3k jog at 10km/h so boring. Almost died after 6mins. I hate slow stuff more than anything. Guess I need it

Some bench pressing and pendlay rows

I wonder if it is easier to do OHS with a leaning bar…


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