Develop full power or you will miss potential

Make no mistake. If you are weak or slow you will not succeed in the sport of fitness.

Session 1

Lowering intensity on my pchain a tiny bit today.

A: Hang Power Snatch 70kg x 3 x 5sets

B: Snatch Pull + 2 BLK Hang Snatch Pull + 2 BLK Hang Snatch DL (basically Snatch RDL) 115kg x 5sets

C: Weighted Backextension x 10s x 70kg x 4 sets + 30s in the last set. Good morning Erectors!

D: 10 x EMOM Sled Drag 140kg x 5m, each set with maximum acceleration

Started with shitty technique ~7s per interval and ended with 3 solid intervals at low 4s. This is good stuff if you want to develop sprinting power (or push a big fucking sled).

E: One leg backext  16l, 16r, 15l, 15r – good stuff

Session 2

12 x Row 10s hard, Row 20s slow

rest 3min

12 x Row 10s hard, Row 20s slow

5min cooldown

First set I came about 1550m and second 1620m. My peak power per interval was never below 2200kcal/h and peaked at about 2450kcal/h. My slow intervals was ~800kcal/h

Kcal/h or watts is a much better measurement than meters/500m since it tells a lot more about your power.




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