Doms in the back and abs especially laterally. Probably from the sled punching/rowing?

2 Clean + 2 Push Jerk 5kg pyramide every 90s

Just focus on technique.

E90s Deadlift 145kg x 6 x 5set

Light and smooth.

E90s Strict HSPU ladder 6 reps
0cm, 3, 6, 9cm

Only managed 4sets out of anticipitated 5.

4 x 5/3min RPE 8
2 burpee mu
2 ps 45kg
4 stoh 45kg
8 lateral burpees
16 box jumps 30cm (should have been dus)

2+3 lbur
2+3 lbur
2+6 lbur

First round I did 6 broadjumps instead of bjs since I had no rope then on the later rounds I used a tiny box to mimic the response of dubs.

And a little bodybuilding as finisher

5min one arm lats pull 40kg 119 reps
Rest 1min
5min kb clean & press 16kg 80 reps

The lats pulls were severe for the grip! Definitely putting these into the arsenal.

Unilateral long cycle work.

Very strange but have been absolutely destroyed for over 8 hours, cramps, headache, bad stomache yadayada

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