Deload-week or PR-week?

Bad sleep, the cold is reappering.

A: Back Squat (1 x 100% of 3RM) worked up to 175kg which is my old 1RM, really nice to be able to handle it this way day 4 of max-outs.


B: Snatch Complex – 2s Pause at knee, 2s at hip then Snatch + Hang Snatch from knee + Snatch Balance – Up to 95kg, no fails. Some sort of PR I think from the Hi-Hang.


C: WPU supinated 16, 24, 32, 42, 48, 56F. I no-rep me on the last one my chin touched the bar but not above.


D: AMRAP Strict Pronated PU – 19 reps, PR!


Rowing my boat tonight


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