Deadlifts kill cns

Status: Not too bad, 8,5-9 hours of sleep but still felt sluggish and sore.

A: Headstand to Handstand walk 2meter

Felt pretty good

B: Muscle Up tech
Stiff in the lats but pretty easy

C: Clean Sots Press – a joke today
Worked half squat presses out in front and from neck instead to improve the Jerk

D: Clean E60s 115kg x 8 sets
Felt heavy to stand the cleans up.

I did doubles at 120kg last week and this felt equally heavy even though the video does not tell that. Since I felt it would be heavy today I estimated my max to 135kg and then 85% of that. It would have been a killer to use 140kg and 90% of that.

E: 4 Hang Power Clean + Thruster + Back Thruster 80kg E60s x 6sets

Very easy, good. The only good part today. I am better at thrusters than Jerk…

F: 15min
Front Squat 2x60kg, add 10kg every round
3 Muscle Ups (supposed to do bar mu but my hand hurts so much)

Someone stole my weights twice which I had put beside the rack prior to the wod. I fetched new weights which as well were stolen before the next round. I lost my motivation there + the squat was so heavy and it hurt in my hip/ass so I aborted at 10mins.

No hard feelings though since I think I should have skipped that entire wod and instead focused on to get my hip relaxed.

G: 12min
12 ohs 50kg
12 ctb
12 burpees

First round took over 4mins, did 1 rep at a time in the CTB, the bar was so slippery. Every rep in the OHS hurt in my hip. After 5-6mins I increased the pace a bit though.

3 rounds + 12 OHS + 12 ctb + 2 Burpees

It actually got taxing in the end so I guess it was better than nothing. However very submax pace….

H: One leg leg press 50kg x 14L, 16R

Conclusion: I felt a big lack of power today and all limbs ache. My infraspinatus, teres minor/major etc are VERY tender. My hip hurts (could be due to bad warmup though). I think the Deadlift load last Saturday lowered my performance today. However I know that this will be temporary and as long as I keep the weights low for a few days I will recover and probably even come back stronger. This means that I will down-regulate my 1RMs with 5% (or by feel) this week.

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