Cut back to increase

Status: So goddamn tired and grumpy. Did some X-country last evening and yup had trouble falling asleep. Idiot. Plus ass DOMS deluxe.

A: Clean 110kg x 2 x 9 sets

Very heavy but I got more and more motivated by the minute. Thank you Malin for keepimg the spirits high.

Decided to skip the strength metcon after and focus on to get through the WOD instead.

B: Conditioning

20min 40s work, 20s rest

  • 5 Burpees
  • 6 Pull-ups
  • AMRAP time left Wall Balls 9kg

I did 116 Wall Balls (5.8 WB on average per round). Today I had a HR monitor and it was helpful since I think I was very close to redlining but decreased the pace for 2 rounds and managed to keep the pulse at bay at 180 (94% of MHR). It was above 90% for most part of the WOD so this should hopefully really stimulate the right stuff.

So to conclude. 1) A little weightlifting and 2) A “little” conditioning. And it feels good after…





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