Cross Country skiing is NOT mental recovery

Tried out the tracks behind our house today. They are not that bad, just a few more inches of snow and they will be very good.

I still have trouble with my right staff though. The strap is way too tight or I am attaching it as a retard. It makes my hand entirely numb. I think I need an equipment lesson ;)

I really suck uphill. I cannot get into any sort of flow and feel powerless. However when I get out on a more plain surface I feel that I do have some power in the strokes. The triceps endurance however sucks.

3km in 20mins. Bah. But I stopped twice cursing the staff.

You know what. I think cross country skiing is a missing piece in the sport of fitness. I cannot think of any other sport where you are forced to condition your triceps in this matter. Rowing + Skiing must somewhat be the holy grail of upper body conditioning.

I refuse to be bad at something. More practice.


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