Competition phase

Status: Great!

A: Bear Complex: 100, 107.5, 115, 122.5 FAIL?? Then I took on a htfu-shirt and did the complex in 10seconds instead. Put on 127.5kg and nailed it pretty easily.

B: CTB Ladder 6-7-8… I made round 14 today. Found a better technique after watching Felix and by talking with Amanda. 16 is the new target.

C: 3 rounds for time

  • 30 squats with the worm
  • 24 Muscle Ups (rotate through woman 2, man 4, man 4 until 24 is done)

Fuck the worm.

D: 10 rounds each in team of 2

  • 4m Front racked lunges 75kg/50kg
  • 50m sprint
  • 1 legless rope climb
  • 50m sprint

14min 22 secs. Pretty good workout!

This is how the last 3-4 weeks will look like for us. A little lifting and lots of sport specific stuff.



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